Monday, October 22, 2012

The new operating system BlackBerry 10 ambitions

The new operating system BlackBerry 10 ambitions to shift the position of Windows Phone 8 in the global smart phone market.

"We believe a numbered three platforms on the market. We are not an open platform like the others, we are BlackBerry," said CEO of Research In Motion (RIM) Thorsten Heins, San Jose California U.S., as reported by The Verge.

Heins said BlackBerry 10 as an update on BlackBerry Hub and multi-tasking capabilities between users will take the position of RIM's operating system is in the top three after the Apple iOS and Google Android.

Features BlackBerry 10 user interface, based on the claim Heins, a new interaction model smart phones and users' applications with ease using a variety of multi-tasking in the zone. "

Heins said BlackBerry 10 does not target the first and second positions. He said "we climb the mountain step by step."

BlackBerry leader added, "We do not aim to make the BlackBerry as the number one smart phone, we want to be number one on the BlackBerry mobile computing (mobile)."

Marketing Pimipinan RIM, Frank Boulben, says the company will focus on promoting Canada's panel (keyboard) first BlackBerry 10 operating system was followed by the launch.


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