Monday, October 22, 2012

'iPhone Video', Name New Generation iPhone

The rumors regarding the next generation iPhone increasingly blowing hard. The handset will be the third generation iPhone after the iPhone and iPhone 3G is rumored to be named the iPhone Video.

TUAW, a blog that discusses Apple products, said news of the naming of the third-generation iPhone is seen from the list of iPhone models offered by U.S. operator AT & T. On the site there is the name iPhone Video on the type of Apple product models.

Meanwhile, i4U, Friday (5/6/2009) reported, it is difficult to guess the name of the next iPhone product. Many rumors that mention various names for the product. Other names circulating include iPhone V3, and some even called iPhone Pro. Labels V3 it is called by the name of retail mobile phone stores Carphone Warehouse.

Most likely V3 stands for Video 3, but many also argue if V3 stands for Version 3.


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  3. And so began the Apple tradition of adding an 'S' to the end of the name for a minor iPhone upgrade. The 2009 model of the iPhone did bring with it video recording capabilities for the first time, and the camera itself got an upgrade too. iphone developer